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Body Butters & Creams

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Body Butter Creams and Bars: Our handmade body butter bars and creams contain hardier moisture-retaining oils and butters that nourish the skin and set up a protective moisture barrier. We use the butter oils of cocoa, mango, and shea, and the oils of coconut, olive, and sweet almond. Since we live and work at 7,000 feet altitude here in the White Mountains, our skin needs extra protection from high altitude evaporation. Our Body Butter Cream is especially formulated to counteract this. Experience our wonderful butter creams for yourself—at any altitude! Shea Butter Balm: We create a special cream of shea butter that is the most moisture-retaining barrier for your precious skin. It consists of 100% pure ultra-refined shea butter. The product contains no water, only vitamin E to prevent the oils from oxidizing and no preservatives as well. A very natural way to keep you silky smooth!

Body Butter Bars
Body Butter Bars
Body Butter Creams
Body Butter Creams