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Online Catalog > Bar Soaps > Lavender Soap

Lavender Soap
#1003. Lavender Soap

We use the time-honored cold-process method of soapmaking. The handcrafting process uses high-quality, food-grade oils like coconut, palm, palm kernel, soybean oil, olive, and castor with an alkali to produce a very mild soap with all the natural moisture-retaining glycerin intact. Our soaps are cured for at least a month, producing a very mild, long-lasting bar, free of excess alkali, which can make soap harsh and drying. Pure essential and fragrance oils, organic herbs, and neutral mineral oxide colorants are used in our soap for a luxurious, natural, clean experience. We hand-cut and wrap our soaps and craft them free of synthetic ingredients often found in mass-marketed soaps, which can cause skin irritation and drying. Some of our special soaps contain exfoliating ingredients like ground herbs and pumice, leaving your skin smooth and soft--perfectly ready to accept the moisturizing properties of our lotions and creams especially formulated for the dry conditions experienced here in Arizona.

Ingredients: soybean oil, water, palm oil, coconut oil, sodium hydroxide, olive oil, palm kernel oil, castor oil, lavender oil, maganese oxide, ultramarine violet.

3 oz

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