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Do you use lye (sodium and/or potassium hydroxide) in making your soap? (Back to TOP)
Absolutely! Handmade soap cannot be made without the reaction of oils (acids) with the caustic base (lye or potash). White Mountain Soap & Bath’s bar and liquid soap are correctly made and cured so that the entire caustic base is transformed into soap. There’s no lye left in the soap once we put it out for our great customers to enjoy. Our soap is quite possibly milder than anything you can buy from bulk commercial producers, even glycerin bars.

Are your soap biodegradable and safe for the environment? (Back to TOP)
Yes, our soaps (excluding bath gels and bubble baths) are completely biodegradable and safe for the earth. Our bar and liquid soaps contain no synthetic petroleum-based detergents. Soap completely breaks down into simple organic molecules which bacteria can digest and renew the earth.

Is your soap safe for babies and people with sensitive skin? (Back to TOP)
We do not recommend any of our products for babies or children. Our products are for adult use only. We recommend customers with sensitive skin to try our natural line product which contain no fragrance (including essential oils), botanicals, exfoliates, or colorants. If you have very sensitive skin, we suggest you do a “patch” test of the product to determine sensitivity. White Mountain Soap & Bath’s bar and liquid soaps are gentle to the skin and a silky pleasure to use.

How long does your bar soap last (in the bath or shower)? (Back to TOP)
That depends on how often you use our soaps and how you store them. If you keep your bar soap on a soap dish out of standing water, we have noticed that our soap bars last 3-4 weeks with one shower per day. Our bar soaps are fully cured and most of the water used in production have evaporated (our dry climate here in Arizona helps with this!).

How long does your bar soap stay fresh? (Back to TOP)
Our bar soaps and their fragrance will keep up to a year but we recommend you use them within 6 month of purchase.

Why do you put oatmeal, lavender flowers, and other dried botanicals in your soaps? (Back to TOP)
Our soaps contain botanicals for their exfoliating and colloidal properties. In the exfoliating action, the dried botanicals scrub your skin and remove dead skin cells. The botanicals also bind moisturizing emollients to your skin so that it is softer and more elastic. Oatmeal is reputed to reduce redness, itching, and minor skin irritations (although we don’t make this claim with our products).

Don’t I need an antibacterial soap? (Back to TOP)
Simply washing your hands with handmade soap (bar or liquid) and water is still considered by most doctors and medical professionals an effective way to eliminate from your skin the fungi, bacteria, and viruses that contribute to the spread of disease.

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