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White Mountain Soap & Bath Fragrance Descriptors

A note about our fragrances: We utilize the finest cosmetic-grade, skin-safe fragrance and essential oils in fractionated coconut for our handmade formulations. The concentrations are low enough to give us beautiful, sparkling, sensuous effects with low incidence of skin irritation. We always recommend customers who have very sensitive skin to do a test patch for irritation or allergic reaction before using our products over large skin areas. Always discontinue using our products if they result in irritation or an allergic reaction and consult medical attention. In the fragrance descriptions, we have noted the strength of the fragrance in the final products: robust, solid, inspiring, relaxed, soft. We also give the fragrances a category type for better understanding of the fragrance effects. They are:

Fruity: Fragrances evoking fresh berries, warm melons, sun-ripened peaches, pears, and tropical wonders of coconut, pineapple, and mango connect the aroma of this group. They border on floral and citrus top and middle notes. Summer sun, orchard-picking outings, and wonderful desserts capture this group.

Citrus: Fresh lemons, limes, tangerine, oranges, and grapefruits all denote this fragrance family. The zing of the oils bursting from the peels and the tartness of the juicy flesh comes out from this group.

Fresh: This group of fragrances will remind you of waterfalls, ocean breezes, the wet ground after a summer rain, as well as clean cotton clothes off the wash line, the aroma of cool leafy green botanicals, and the bright freshness of mints.

Herbal: Our scent effects here include the middle and deep notes of botanical aromatics. It includes many of the essential oils like lavender, rosemary, and tea tree. They evoke balmy, sometimes medicinal sharp notes with musky, aromatic, and green resins.

Floral: This group unfolds the bouquet essence of flowers of all types. Our florals paint a palate of sweet, to heady, to the soft breezes of blooming meadows. This category is the heart of our products and will be the ones you’ll come back to again and again! We present mainly one-note florals instead of wild blends. We feel this better represents our most discerning customers!

Woody: We capture a walk through the ponderosa pine forest on a calm summer after noon here in the White Mountains of Arizona with this group. The woodsy fragrances of sweetgrass, Pinon pine needles, oak moss, balsam, wood resins, musk, and vanillas will charm you into a spell of wonder. Stroll with us down this fragrant afternoon path, gathering pine cones for a winter wreath.

Spicy: We use the captivating comfort of cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, and cardamom blends baking in a pumpkin pie in this group. It’s the heart of our holiday celebrations in handcrafted soaps and personal care products. They’re perfect for entertaining and create a warm and inviting home in your bath or family-centered kitchen.

Natural: We craft this group of products with NO fragrance or colorants whatsoever! We keep them natural. They hold the clean, fresh plant oil aromas only and nothing more. The soap comes specially shrink wrapped to keep out the fragrances of other soaps or products so that you only get the finest product around!

Delight Soaps: In order to hold and fix fragrances in soaps, we add the flower or the leaf of the plant to lengthen and strengthen the scent. For example, we sell "Lavender Delight" soap, which contains not only a layer of lavender flower buds on the top of the soap bar, but ground lavender flowers in the soap body. Lavender essential oil can evaporate from the soap quickly, so the flower fixes it more strongly in the bar. All the Delight soaps also have a mild exfoliant property for your skin as well.

Bliss Soaps: As with delight soaps, we include fruit pulp, juice, or rind ground into the soap to enhance and fix the fruit fragrance to the soap bar. This imparts and extremely realistic scent to the soap, and imparts the fruit's natural cleansing properties to the soap's usage.

Fragrance Descriptions

Apple Cider (Fruity and Spicy; inspired): We specially formulate this soap with real apple cider from our trees here in the high mountain country of eastern Arizona from a blend of golden delicious and Jonathan apple juice. A touch of warm spices rounds out this captivating soap for your fall pleasures.

Applejack (Fruity and Spicy; inspired): A blend of baked apple, orange peel, and spice notes of cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg with a hint of vanilla makes this fragrance warm and inviting.

Arizona Forest (Woody; solid): This is our own blend of bayberry (spicy, woodsy scent), top notes of Siberian fir needle, combined with intense oak moss, white violets, cedar wood, and patchouli essential oil. We include a rich musk-vanilla to add a note of sweetness.

Arizona High Desert (Woody; solid): We capture the high desert of northern Arizona with a blend of sage and fir needle, leading to woody notes of cedar wood, oak moss, fir balsam, and sweetgrass. A monsoon rain flashes lightening in the afternoon, filling the air with the scent of the damp northern desert of sage, sweetgrass, and Pinon juniper—we capture the moment with this intriguing fragrance.

Arizona Sunshine (Citrus; solid): We run around with a big jar on a sunny Arizona morning capturing this fragrance! (Well, not really!) It’s a great blend of berries, and essential oils of lime, lemon and pink grapefruit with some beautiful floral and musky soft woods undertones—it speaks Arizona with every breath.

Brown Sugar (Spicy; solid): The inviting smell of caramel and molasses are the basis for this home-spun fragrance that’s sure to please your palate. Remember: this IS a carb-free zone!

Christmas Spice (Spicy & Woody; solid): This fragrance is wonderful Christmas spices of clove, cinnamon, pimento, and cardamom with notes of green fruits as well as rose, and rich buttery vanilla and balsam fir. It has a definite pine forest aroma touched with the sweet smells of the holidays!

Cinnamon & Brown Sugar (Spicy; solid): Do you want to smell like a doughnut or a cinnamon bun? This is a great fragrance of spicy cinnamon, caramel, and sweet molasses—just like a sinful confectionary with a hole in the middle!

Cinnamon Hazelnut Coffee (Spicy; solid): A capture of a latte with cinnamon sprinkled on top. Cinnamon and orange peel start off with a lovely touch of coffee, hazelnut, and vanilla. So good, you’ll want to take a sip and splash in your shower!

Coconut Pineapple Lime (Fruity; solid): Can you say Pina Colada? Bright, succulent notes of pineapple and lime peel oil are added to the warm topical overtones of shredded coconut. It’s a delight to your senses in a warm bath or a refreshing shower.

Coffee & Mint (Herbal; robust): A wonderful marriage of espresso beans and oil of peppermint. Perfect for your kitchen. It will eat up garlic and onion orders and leave you feeling fresh and pampered.

Cranberry Fig (Fruity; solid): Fruity top notes of fig essence, citrus, cranberry, apple, and summer berries that lead to a green floral heart composed of rose, jasmine, lilac, and coriander. It finishes with sweet, woody, and spicy notes of vanilla, cinnamon, cedar, and musk.

Cucumber Grapefruit (Fruity; inspired): When we were little kids, I remember my grandmother preparing a great dinner and peeling cucumbers for a cucumber and sour cream salad. Our fragrance is a spot-on reflection of those days with a sparkling addition of pink grapefruit peel oil—refreshing and alive!

Eucalyptus (Herbal; robust): Yes, it’s medicinal—great! Yes, it’s strong—terrific! Sharp notes of wood resins, camphor-like vapors, and musky leaves all contribute to this essential that speaks of the Australian forests!

Eucalyptus Spearmint (Herbal & Fresh; robust ): Take the sweet, minty notes of spearmint and combine them with the sharp notes of wood resins and you have a terrifically fresh and invigorating blend that will transform your bathing experiences to new heights of pleasure.

Fall Festival (Spicy & Fruity; solid): Celebrate the apple ciders presses turning out liquid gold, the autumn leaves: fresh and herbal, the baking of morning muffins with almonds, cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg with a hint of vanilla. All this we enfold in a merry autumn fragrance.

Peppermint Footsies (Herbal; robust): Peppermint with all it’s minty wonder: camphor-like vapors with fresh, cut leaves, and that tingle all over your skin leaving you relaxed and ready for more.

Forest Path (Woody; solid): The Arizona northern country is captured in this fragrance with spicy pine needles, oak moss, floral notes, cedar wood, and patchouli essential oil. Musk and vanilla supports the whole experience. It’s like a long walk through the high mountains of Ponderosa pines.

Frankincense & Myrrh (Woody; soft): It’s the perfect manly soap or deeply woody and smoky blend for your holiday cheer. Resinous blends of frankincense and myrrh enjoined with cinnamon and clove. We finish it off with musk and vanilla. What else would the three wise men use in their bath?

French Lavender (Herbal; inspired): We blend the highly floral-herbal scent of fresh lavender flowers and lavender oil combined with the spicy licorice of crushed tarragon leaves. It’s our interpretation of French Provencal countryside.

Fruity Passion (Fruity; solid): We are passionate about our fruits. Ripe, ripe, ripe juicy, warm peaches, sun-drenched apricots, and a fusion of the freshest, ripest, sweetest peach skin with sun-kissed apricots and just a touch of florals and berries.

Green Tea (Fresh; relaxed): a true reflection in a hot cup of liquid jade as the Japanese would say. Mellow and smooth with touches of herbal greens. You’ll relax like never before with this in your bath or smoothed onto tired, dry skin.

Green Tea & Chamomile (Fresh; inspired): A warm sip of liquid jade and the relaxing, sweet calming scent of chamomile flowers blooming in your summer flower bed.

Harvest (Spicy; solid): The White Mountains celebrate fall each year with the picking of red and green apples, the start of the baking season with nuts, cinnamon and vanilla. All of this will be found in this holiday fragrance. It’s what an early October day is like when you go explore the changes in the Aspen leaves on top of the mountains.

Heather (Floral; solid): It’s a green and fresh floral with lots of soft, airy notes that speak of high mountain hillsides all in bloom—very heady, very sweet.

Jasmine (Floral; solid): A queen of florals. It’s a white sweet, penetrating bouquet of flowers in the summer. Indispensable fragrance for those romantic, passionate hearts!

Jasmine & Rose (Floral; solid): Take the best of the queens of florals and combine them into a rule of sweetness, love, and passion. Nothing could be better than letting these two florals reign in your heart.

Juicy Lime (Citrus; relaxed): It’s a burst of lime peels and margarita mix. It’s a true blend of citrus scentsations! A real wake-me-up-in-the-morning and take notice fragrance.

Kinishba (or Sandalwood Vanilla): (Woody; inspired): We named this fragrance marriage of sandalwood and vanilla for an old Indian ruin in the area: mysterious and warm. Ancient footpaths follow will fill your thoughts with this wonder-inspired fragrance.

Lavender (Herbal; inspired): We use pure relaxing lavender essential oil in all our lavender fragrances. Nothing artificial—just the simple beauty of a scent that has spoken clean, fresh, and inspiring since ancient times. We highly recommend this to all who like something past the usual florals and into the warm waters of this stream of beauty.

Lavender & Oatmeal (Herbal; inspired): A marriage of sweet herbal of lavender with notes of honey and almonds. Something appropriate for cleaning hands in your kitchen or a soft, fragrance scrub in the tub!

Lavender & Rosemary (Herbal; robust): Take the best of both herbals for a sinus cleaning with the pungently aromatic and camphorous rosemary and the beautiful herbal-floral of lavender. Together they support and enhance their fresh, clean fragrances.

Lavender & Sage (Herbal; solid): This is a blend of the warm middle notes of clary sage and the herbal-floral beauty of lavender. It’s fresh and uplifting.

Lavender Spearmint (Herbal; robust): We combine the lovely fresh bite of spearmint oil with the heady and also fresh herbal of lavender to create something that’s irresistible.

Lemon Verbena (Citrus & Herbal; solid): It’s a dance of lemon, lime, peach around a floor of sweet florals of rose, geranium, and the herbal wonders of the green aroma of verbena and lemon leaves all contribute to this true wonder of the herbal world.

Lilac (Floral; inspired): It’s the perfect fragrance for spring! Our lilac smells just like the beautiful flowering bushes on a warm May afternoon in the White Mountains. It’s a wonderland of heady florals. Bring in a spring bouquet into your bath with this one!

Lily of the Valley (Floral; solid): One of the ruling queens of the floral world. A wonderful flower of spring that’s sweet and long-lasting. Your bath will be filled with cool shady notes of this flower ringing with pleasure of this warm, sweet floral fragrance.

Linden (Floral; solid): This floral is almost an herbal fragrance. It’s crisp and fresh with lots of green notes, and a middle floral that’s not sweet at all. This one is a real favorite in Europe and will be for you, too.

Monsoon (sweet rain): (Fresh; inspired): As fresh as the rains in the White Mountains from July through September. It’s a blend of fresh citrus, florals, vanilla, and wet, woody undertones. A clean breeze after a good rain will envelope your bath with this wonder.

Mountain of Roses (or Roses): (Floral; solid): We searched long and hard for this unique blend that really smells of roses. It’s not plastic or artificial. It’s the real thing: as close as you’ll come to rose absolute as you can. We’re very proud to bring this extraordinary queen of the florals in our products. It’ll bring you back to of old-fashioned sachets and bouquets of fresh-cut roses from the garden in your tub or smoothing your skin with our lotion.

Natural (No Fragrance): All of our products listed as this fragrance are truly a nudist colony wonder: absolutely NO fragrance or colorants are in this product. If it has any smell at all, it’s the base of the product: the oils, or naturally handmade soap itself with nothing to hide it. We proudly include this line for our customers who have the most sensitive skin or want products that they can use without a fragrance so that they can layer on their own. Nothing is milder than our natural products—try them!

Oatmeal, Milk & Honey (Woody; solid): You want comfort food, this is your fragrance. It starts with warm oatmeal cooking on the stove with hints of honey, brown sugar and sweet almonds. We’re reminded of baking oatmeal cookies with this one—mellow and sweet.

Ocean Memories (Fresh; inspired): When you live in a land-locked state such as the White Mountains in Arizona, the ocean is just a memory. It’s waves upon the beach, sea kelp breezes, salty air, and the driftwood all create the experience of the seashore captured in this lovely fresh fragrance.

Orange Vanilla (Fruity; solid): A special fruity fusion of Valencia five-fold orange oil with our popular vanilla fragrances. Many customers compare it to orange sherbet or a “fifty-fifty.” Summer wouldn’t be the same without this compelling fragrance of oranges and warm vanilla—priceless!

Patchouli (Woody; robust): OK, this IS the fragrance of hippies from the ‘60’s. But what a terrific fragrance: warm, woody notes with touches of vanilla and dry, earthy undertones. We use the real essential oil for this strong, heavy essence.

Peppermint (Herbal; robust): What can we say? It’s penetrating and warm and delicious --just like red-striped candy. We use the essential of peppermint for our soaps and skin products to give them the minty experience. It does tingle on the skin and may irritate eyes. But, oh the uplift a good mint can give you!

Peppermint & Tea Tree (Herbal; robust): We take the terrific minty herbal of peppermint and smooth out the strong herbaceous and medicinal notes of tea tree. It’s a perfect marriage for hand soaps—clean and refreshing.

Pink Grapefruit (Citrus; relaxed): The lightest sparkling notes of the peel of pink grapefruits. We use the warm and inviting essential oil of pink grapefruit for all our preparations. It’s the most welcoming of the citrus family and you can easily get hooked on this one in your bath if you’re looking for refreshing and uplifting pause from a busy day.

Plumeria (Floral; inspired): This is a heady but clean scent that’s close to perfect copy of the tropic flower with bright fruit notes, A rich floral heart to a musky bottom: wonderful and long lasting. It almost has the rich middle of pineapple. It’s a tropical lei of wonderful florals and greens together as one!

Pomegranate (Fruity; relaxed): In our soap we use real pomegranate juice to enhance the fragrance. It also has a touch of bergamot essential oil and other fruity overtones. For a wonderful soapy experience!

Pumpkin Spice (Spicy; solid): Baking in the White Mountains during the winter months is always a warm, wonderful feeling. This soap fragrance starts with delicious cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg, with rich vanilla and sweet caramel for a real holiday treat.

Sage & Lemongrass (Herbal; robust): Our most favorite essential oil blend of the citrus aroma of clary sage is with the sweet lemon and green notes of lemongrass. It’s totally herbal, totally fun, totally an experience in your bath you don’t want to miss.

Sandalwood (Woody; inspired): A warm and dry woodsy fragrance with nuances of cedar wood, patchouli, and a touch of florals to bring you this oriental favorite. Men are just pulled to the aroma of sandalwood and we include a smidge of the really expensive sandalwood essential oil in every product just to make sure you’re getting the real thing!

Sandalwood Vanilla (see Kinishba)

Sweet Orange (Citrus; solid): It speaks of the essential oil of Valencia orange peels: sweet and fruity—perfect for your kitchen and your bath.

Sweet Rain (See Monsoon)

Tea Tree (Herbal; robust): It’s medicinal, herbal, and woodsy—strong and penetrating. But we like something different and something that keeps us honest with the wonders of nature. We formulate this fragrance with the true essential oil of tea tree from the Melaleuca plant, endemic to Australia.

Therapy: Aches & Pains (Herbal; robust-strong): Our own exclusive blend of herbal notes to make sure you’re getting the fast treatment you need for sore, aching muscles. It’s a heady fusion of spearmint, eucalyptus, and lavender with a floral core of rose to lighten and sweeten is appropriately combined for a truly relaxing bath.

Therapy: Cold & Sinus (Herbal; robust-strong): Another exclusive blend to come to your rescue during cold season and when sinuses are blocked. A strong blend of tea tree, lavender, eucalyptus, and rosemary compose the herbal notes with a citrus top of lemon essential oil. Surely, this will comfort your hot bath when you’re feeling miserable and phlegmy!

Vanilla (Woody; solid): We use a rich, classic vanilla infused with notes of citrus, florals, and sweet musk. It’s one of our favorites and develops many of our other fragrances.

Warm Vanilla (See Vanilla)

White Tea and Ginger (Floral; relaxed); Our White Tea & Ginger Fragrance Spray gives you smells of light Chinese white tea brewing with hints of citrus, and nutmeg, ginger, light musk, and dry wood.

Winter Dreams (Woody; solid): We take the bite of Siberian fir needle essential oil and blend it with the woody, smoky base of patchouli for a real experience in the woods of the mountains of Arizona in the snow!

Wisteria Lilac (Floral; solid): This is our version of what we believe would be the aroma of Wisteria Lane in “Desperate Housewives”! A complete floral of heady wisteria with the fresh spring of lilac, supporting each other like no other floral: sweet and inviting. It’s a breath of spring in your bath!


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